Film Grades

We have a variety of film grades and the expertise to fit your needs

PVC Film Grades

RS (Regular Shrink)

This is a general purpose film suitable for T/E, unitizing, and full body sleeving. TD shrink in the 55% range.

HS (High Shrink)

This film is produced to provide a higher TD shrink (60%+) and is more suitable for contoured containers.

HI (High Impact Resistant)

This film is recommended when product is expected to be transported and stored under cold conditions. The film is modified to make it softer and hence less susceptible to fracture upon impact.

UV (UltraViolet Brightener Added)

This film is primarily used for T/E applications with minimal printing. The UV brightener is added to provide easy detection of the T/E band when viewed under a black light.

SL (Seamless Tubing)

This is blown film ideal for T/E Bands and unitizing. TD shrink is in the 40-45% range. We stock a large inventory of sizes that are available to ship within days.

Specialty Film Grades

PETG (Polyester)

This film provides the highest TD shrinkability (70%+) and is recommended when shrinkability requirements exceed the limitations of HS PVC. It is also the preferred film for product exported to the Europe and Japan. It has high shrink force and requires a steam tunnel for smooth shrinking.

OPS (Polystyrene)

This film also provides high TD Shrink (up to 70%), and also meets recyclability criteria for export to Europe and Japan. However, it is not as stable as PVC or PET. It does have a lower shrink force then PET & PVC making it the most suitable film for soft containers.

PLA (Polylactide or Polylactid Acid)

PLA is the latest entrant in heat shrinkable films. It is available in several TD shrink ratios, and is made from corn, which makes it potentially recyclable and compostable.